Pasta with smoked salmon (15 minute Meal Recipe)

Pasta with smoked salmon

Pasta with smoked salmon, easy cooking. We do not have a lot time for cooking nor preparing for dinner everyday for any reason. Many kinds of food take time to prepare, marinate, or take forever in the oven until it’s done. Pasta is one of the great solution for busy parents, students, or anyone who doesn’t have much time to cook.

Today, I opened my fridge, it’s pretty empty (that’s unusual). so i had to improvise something quick for my hungry children. it’s easy to prepare and just need 5 ingredients.

Pasta with smoked salmon

Pasta with smoked salmon

Only 5 Ingredients :

  • Chopped onion
  • Chopped celery
  • Butter
  • Smoked salmon
  • Mozzarella


  1. Put water in a pot, add couple of full spoons of salt to flavour your pasta and let water boil.
  2. While wait for water to boil (even though it takes less than 3 mins to boil)… NOW -Let’s quickly start with main ingredients
  3. Cut half of the onion and celery into dice put in a container
  4. Prepare smoke salmon, i just cut it not too small because smoked salmon will break apart once you fry them in a pan.
  5. …. Now water is boiling…………
  6. Put your favourite pasta in boiling water, each type of pasta has difference cooking time. I personally prefer to taste my pasta after 5 mins while it’s still boiling. In this case, I can estimate my pasta better that they have not been cooking to long nor too short. Al – dente is the best choice for pasta lovers 🙂
  7. Meanwhile you are waiting for pasta to be perfectly cooked…
  8. Heat a pan in medium heat, wait till the pan is hot and put oil in the pan
  9. Put onion in the pan, let it fry, then add celery and stir for couple mins until celery is little soft
  10. turn up the heat little higher and add smoked salmon……
  11. **Check your pasta, it might be already perfect!! – if your pasta is still undercooked , remove the pan from heated stove shortly and wait until pasta is Al – dente
  12. Put pasta in the pan together, add salt and pepper, mixed well then add a small piece of butter, quickly stir it
  13. Lastly, add mozzarella and let the cheese melt in the pan … ready to serve… yummy !! !

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